South american grains is a company that develops solutions in the agricultural and food market. Forming an international and national trade platform of production, distribution, import, and export, we work together with our partners in the product development, new project creation, market, and logistic consulting sectors, always focusing the end customer interest.

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South american grains acts with producers worldwide developing an international trade platform of production, distribution, import and export of prime grains, such as, chia, quinoa, linseed, etc., also, jointly working to develop their products, create new projects, consult market and logistics, crossing frontiers to increase production.

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Take the best products for your customers

With a wide trade platform, we develop businesses with several countries in different continents. Furthermore, we offer technical support and solutions for storing great volumes of products, providing a perfect ground to cultivate new markets.

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Quality assurance


In order to be a part of south american grains' supplier portfolio, your grains must meet the optimal consumption standards with excellence within the international good hygiene and food safety practices.


It is critical that your farm strictly fulfills the international rules for product production, transport and storage.


It is essential that your company has international quality certificates evidencing your products are beneficial for the body, environment, and society as a whole.


We bridge the gap between your land and the shelves around the world, providing a perfect ground to cultivate new businesses and grow in more markets.

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