• How should i proceed to be a registered producer?
    Firstly, you should email us to info@southamericangrains.com, replying the following questions:

    Company name:
    Company origin:
    Name, phone and address
    Product category:
    Type of service, retail or wholesale:
    Company presentation
    Explain what you do you want and looking for.
  • What my company needs to be distributed by sag?
    The product must be analyzed and approved by our staff, then, we will legally check the requirements to import and market your product.
  • How to accredit my company to be sag's distributor?
    There is no certificate. Obviously all products must be qualified and within fda rules, which can be read at: http://www.fda.gov/food/default.htm
  • How to contract the company?
    Firstly, the contact, then we will evaluate the possibilities to work with the product itself. The values and contracts are relevant to each customer. After the product appraisal and producer validation, we will make a proposal to be developed.